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23 – 24 June 2021 | JAKARTA, INDONESIA

PT Samator

PT Samator was established on 22 July 1975 to operate an acetylene plant in Surabaya. As the largest industrial gas player in Indonesia, our gas products as well as gas related services are widely used in various industries. For years, the Samator brand is well known as the leading industrial gas company in Indonesia.

Since 1995, Samator Group has offered a full range of integrated services of EPCM for Air Separation Plant project which ranges from project management, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, mechanical engineering, revamping, manufacturing as well as installation of industrial and laboratory gas pipeline system.

As our products and services become an inseparable part of many industries, we are continuously expanding our main business into multiple industries, We aim to deliver total customer solution to our beloved clients.

At present, PT Samator is also the appointed with SASPG and Shenzhen Yiho Technology to expand our business in Indonesia.