Risco Energy | AG&P

Risco Energy Group Pte. Ltd. (Risco), is an independent, privately owned energy investment company focusing on oil and gas. Risco originates, invests, develops, owns and operates energy positions in the Asian region. Risco is led by an experienced and senior sector-related management team. Risco is investing in logistics, storage and associated infrastructure to enhance the movement of LNG and ultimately energy to end-users such as industrial companies and power groups.

Risco Energy Group focuses on building out mid and downstream LNG infrastructure to enhance the supply chain for customers in Indonesia and the region, and has a joint venture with AG&P (Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Company), a global leader in infrastructure solutions and modularized products for the energy, resources and industrial sectors. Together, they are building innovative midstream and downstream LNG infrastructure assets to serve the needs of the power, bunkering, mining, transportation and industrial companies scattered across the Indonesian archipelago that are not served by existing LNG networks.

Risco and AG&P are using proven technologies to develop smart solutions for LNG storage, transport, regasification, power and full terminal solutions, as well as last-mile delivery vehicles and vessels. Their unique approach eliminates complexity, accelerates schedule, reduces environmental impact and lowers overall costs, making it easier and more cost-efficient for customers to switch to LNG.

Risco and AG&P have the capability to design, build, finance and deploy the assets that are needed for a reliable and predictable supply of tolled gas. By making LNG accessible, affordable and sustainable, they are supporting Indonesia’s path to a cleaner energy future.