Alaska Gasline Development Corporation

Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) is an independent, public corporation owned by the State of Alaska. AGDC has oversight and delegation authority to expedite development of Alaska LNG: an integrated natural gas infrastructure project. Designed to access North America’s largest concentration of proven, conventional natural gas supply (991 billion cubic meters), plus 200 trillion cubic feet of potential gas resources on the North Slope, Alaska LNG will provide a stable source of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the Asia-Pacific region for generations. Alaska LNG is one of the most important natural gas infrastructure developments to be built in the United States. Monetizing Alaska’s natural gas resources will help the state meet its domestic needs and provide reliable and competitive LNG supply. The close proximity to key markets, proven vast gas resources, and supportive business environment, position the State to become the preferred supplier to the global LNG markets. AGDC and the State of Alaska are committed to bringing Alaska natural gas to the market and is offering direct access to one of the most mineral and hydrocarbon rich areas in the world. Our top priority is development and construction of a North Slope natural gas pipeline and LNG export terminal.