AG&P (Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Company Inc.) is a leading infrastructure solutions provider delivering state-of-the-art, modularized products and support services to vessels, projects and plants. For more than a century, AG&P has been a pioneer in civil engineering and construction, working in partnership with governments and private sector companies to build world-class infrastructure. AG&P is among the world’s most prominent solutions providers to the LNG industry. In the past decade, the company has built hundreds of highly complex process modules spanning the LNG value chain, from gas compression to liquefaction and transport. Today, AG&P offers a virtual LNG pipeline to bridge the capacity demands for power in Southeast Asia. The pipeline comprises a range of solutions for the distribution of LNG, specifically floating storage, transportation vessels, regasification, LNG bunker vessels, floating power plants and specialized applications. We have the capability to deliver the full design, engineering, construction and assembly, including integration of sub-components such as cargo handling and control systems, for various small and mid-scale LNG vessels. These standardized and optimized small and mid-scale LNG solutions are meeting the growing distributed energy requirements of archipelago nations such as Indonesia and the Philippines. These LNG solutions require less upfront investment and offer faster and lower cost delivery. AG&P owns and operates two manufacturing facilities spread over 150 hectares, each with a deep sea port, 80km south of Manila in the Philippines. With a 116-year heritage, the company is committed to the highest safety and quality standards and invests heavily in developing its employees through training and education.