Please view the commercial themes for the 2017 conference below. Submissions should be no longer than 500 words. The deadline to submit abstracts is extended to Friday, 17 February 2017.

Commercial Topics

Commercial 1: Map of Opportunities for the Gas & LNG Value Chain

  • Developments of Indonesia’s gas & LNG infrastructure roadmap as the masterplan for value-chain growths to support National Gas Balance – What is needed to support domestic gas demand

  • Updates on oil, coal and gas statistics – Import and export now and future projections

  • Constructions and tenders for major upstream gas projects and upgrades – Progress and milestone

  • Developments of import facilities as Indonesia transitions from a net exporter to a net importer – Plans and developments for FSRU and regasification facilities

  • Examining the gaps in between gas supply and demand in Indonesia – Priority for infrastructure development and weighing of the value of opportunity

  • Gas utilization profiles at the manufacturing sector 

Commercial 2: Market Updates on PLN’s 35,000MW Program
  • National and IPPs perspective on fuel availability, funding for infrastructure developments and tender process

  • Project feasibility require to secure long-term LNG supply for 35,000MW development

  • Update on PLN’s tender for supply, shipping and regasification of LNG to power facilities – Where are we now?

  • Fuel availability – Domestic versus import for long-term power supply – Projections

Commercial 3: Driving Indonesia’s Push to Transition to Gas as An Energy Resource – Gas Pricing and Gas Aggregator Update
  • Updates on government’s implementation for gas pricing regulation for the power, household and transportation sector

  • Updates on electrical market price and regulatory price

  • Establishment of Badan Penyangga Gas (BPG) – Government’s update on the next gas aggregator

  • Impact of global oil prices on gas and LNG import and export trade in Indonesia

  • LNG pricing formula – Linkage to oil prices?

  • Indonesia’s plans for LNG as a transport fuel for the mining and smelter industry – Marine, trucks and trains

  • Recent trends in long-term international LNG pricing

  • Singapore Sling - A gas-on-gas pricing solution for LNG

Commercial 4: Aligning Key Stakeholders to Support Gas Sector Growth
  • Ways to reinforce synergy between State Owned Enterprises, Public-Private Partnerships and international cooperation for future gas growth

  • Building on human capital and local content development through transfer of technology and national industry participation

  • Aligning policies and regulations for the transition to a low-carbon economy

  • Attracting international stakeholders to participate in regional gas and LNG projects through a structured and transparent administration

  • Government policy to impose domestic financier’s involvement in financing LNG project in Indonesia

  • New emissions regulations indicate rise of LNG as marine fuel in Asia

Call for Papers Closing Date - Deadline Extended!

Friday, 17 February 2017

Content & Executive Committee Review

End February 2017

Successful Applicants Informed

Mid March 2017